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Sound System Update Part 3: Kick Bin/Sub Build (Part 1)

So it has come to the final steps of building my prototype sound system, where I have bought all the amps, cables, and now I have built a 15” subwoofer based on the B&C Sub-15 plan. In the future, I intend on building another Sub-15 to act as a kick section on top of two

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Sound System_2 way

Sound System Update Part 2: Kick/Mid Box

  Here is an update dedicated to the build of my second speaker enclosure, which is designed to cover the low mid frequencies. However, until I have a full system setup this particular box will temporarily be used to cover the whole mid range in a miniature 3-way system (15 inch reflex -> 12 inch

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Soundsystem Update Part 1: Tweeter Build

Welcome to the first of a series of posts dedicated to the ongoing progression of my miniature sound system. Here you can check out the tweeter box I designed and hand-built to cover the high frequency range.     The box is designed with a 60º curve to give a wider dispersion across a room;

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The lovely guys at SUB:CULT have been kind enough to put together a BRAND NEW compilation album just before Christmas, featuring absolute TUNEZZ from Galvatron, Simply Dread, Duburban Poison, B.O.D.A, Chimping and many more… and best of all, it’s up for FREE DOWNLOAD!!! Get it here: http://subcultmusic.bandcamp.com/album/sub-cult-collective-vol-2 And here’s my contribution to the album: ENJOY!!!